Ana’s Special Day – Oasis Bar

We had a celebration of Ana’s birthday along with some couple of good friends. We went to Oasis Bar at Panay Ave. cr Scout Albano, Quezon City. It was really not our first time there, but we enjoyed the place. Good food, nice sounds, a good ambience and very affordable prices.

What we ordered:

Shrimp+Tempura - Ana's Special Day - Oasis Bar
Shrimp Tempura

How To Cook – Shrimp Tempura Recipe
5 pcs of shrimp and some kakiage. Ana and I were thinking, they use prawn and not shrimp, for they serve  large shrimps.

Fish+and+Fries - Ana's Special Day - Oasis Bar
Fish and Fries

Fish and Fries; They use cream dory here. A bit salty, though manageable, being marinated with there own mix. Overall, it is still good.

Tilapya+Sisig - Ana's Special Day - Oasis Bar
Tilapia Sisig
It was my first time ordering Tilapia Sisig at Oasis. Actually, I was amazed with it. Tilapia meat with some mayo cooked in sisig style. Sisig is a Filipino term, which means “to eat on something sour”. It is a method of preparing fish or meat which is marinated in sour liquid, (esp vinegar), seasoned with salt, pepper and other spices. It tastes good, a good alternative for those who are on a diet.
Sizzling+Squid - Ana's Special Day - Oasis Bar
Sizzling Squid

Sizzling Squid; A large stuffed squid on a sizzling plate. This one tastes good too. They cooked it in a way that the squid is tender and easy to chew.

Cheese+Sticks - Ana's Special Day - Oasis Bar
Cheese Sticks
Usually, cheese sticks in bars are usually wrapped in lumpia wrapper (spring roll wrapper). This one is cooked in breadcrumbs. Tastes good as well. It would not be a disappointment ordering it.
Chili+Cheese+Sticks - Ana's Special Day - Oasis Bar
Chili Cheese Roll

How To Cook – Chili Cheese Roll Recipe
Their own version of Chili Cheese Roll (Dynamite). This one is not that hot, it can be for anyone.

San+Mig+Light - Ana's Special Day - Oasis Bar
San Mig Light

And ofcourse, the night won’t be as happy without some ice cold beers.

Oasis Bar
127 Panay Ave., Quezon City, Phils
(02) 415-5345


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