Dimsum Dinner With Family – Causeway

Dimsums - Dimsum Dinner With Family - Causeway

After going to a wake of a deceased relative, we stopped by at a good food restaurant, Causeway, Banawe Ave, Quezon City. It was past 9pm and my brother said that this popular, good food, and affordable Chinese food restaurant has this kind of promo. They have discounted price on all dimsums from 9pm to12mn. Other branches of Causeway has the same promo but of different time bracket. The other one I’m familiar with is at Congressional Ave, Quezon City, where they serve discounted rates on good food dimsums from 3pm to 530pm.

Here are what we ordered:

Seafood Roll – the one in the middle, it has crabsticks, shrimp and fish warpped in pechay baguio leaf.

Sharksfin Dumpling – one of my favorites, sad to say but yes, it has sharksfin on it. It they don’t serve it, I won’t have it. But I understand the marine life advocates on preventing sharks from being killed.

Chicken Asado Roll – chicken cooked in tomato sauce wrapped in what they call lotus.

Spareribs with Taosi – Fried Pork mixed with taosi and other ingredients.

Chicken Feet with Taosi – similar to adobo, only that, they added taosi on it.

Hakao (Shrimp dumpling) – shrimps wrapped in tapioca and wheat starch.

Crab Roe Siomai – the usual pork siomai with some addition if crab roe on top.

Japanese Siomai – taste like the crab roe, only that it is wrapped in japanese nori topped with what they called aligue (although it seems like egg type aligue)

All dimsums are must tries! Good food! Yummy!

Causeway Seafood Restaurant
883 Banawe St. cor Del Monte Ave, Quezon City
Tel. No. +63 (2) 740-8787 / 740-9302



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