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Menu - Good Food Dinner Ala Italian - Il Padrino

Ana and I were invited by our friend, Gena, to have a good food dinner at Il Padrino Coffee. It is a coffee shop and food restaurant along Commonwealth Ave Near Regalado Ave in Quezon City. It was our first time to dine there actually, but it didn’t fail me personally, they serve good food at its best. I just put what I ordered here since I find it really yummy and I never thought I would have ordered 3 cups of rice with it. I also forgot what Ana and Gena had ordered, actually. Will post again when we get back to this good food coffee shop and restaurant.

By the way, the menu is made of wood. Inside are the good food list that the coffee shop has to offer.

Wall+Design - Good Food Dinner Ala Italian - Il Padrino

The ambiance is good and comfy. I haven’t been to Italy actually, but looking at the design of the walls of this coffee shop makes you feel like you have been there.

Hot+Choco - Good Food Dinner Ala Italian - Il Padrino
Hot Choco

Ana ordered this one or was it Gena? Anyway, they both have Hot Choco but the other one has a different design on it.

Fish+Fillet - Good Food Dinner Ala Italian - Il Padrino
Fish Fillet with Capers Sauce

This is the meal I’m referring to. Cream Dory Fish Fillet with Capers Sauce. It was actually so good and affordable, about Php150.00 I think. As you can see, it has veggies on it and a creamy capers sauce. It has 2 slices of dory, though I’m not really expecting it would be two large slices. I had additional 2 cups of rice and capers sauce and some plentiful of hot sauce to finish it. Good food, I must say!

Il Padrino Coffee
Unit 1 Mt. Sinai Heights Bldg.
71-B Commonwealth Avenue,
East Fairview Park, Quezon City
Tel. no. +63 (2) 461-7690



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