Good Food Midnight Snack – KFC

When I was on my way to Ana’s house last week, I was really hungry and thought of having a good food midnight snack for  us. Craving for some chicken, we first tried calling KFC for delivery in Ana’s place but the stores only deliver until 10pm. Left with no choice, I stopped by KFC Congressional Ave, Quezon City which is near my place and ordered some food; Chicken, twister, salad and dessert. Now this is what you call snack! Hehehe! I wanted to try the bacon and cheese twister but it was not available so I had Maki Twister instead.

KFC+9911 - Good Food Midnight Snack - KFC
KFC Midnight Snack

Good food that we ordered:

1 Box Twister Fully Loaded Meal – Maki Twister (your choice of Maki or Bacon and Cheese), 1 rice, 1 pc hot and crispy chicken (Original or Hot and Crispy), 1 brownies and a regular sized drink. – For me.

1 additional rice for me

1 Chicken Caesar Salad with thousand island dressing for her.

1 Maki Twister for her.

1 Mango Cheesecake for her. – it is a new product of KFC, I tasted it and it was actually good.


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