Kitchen Discovery Class by Tupperware and CCA – Part 1

This was actually a late post due to busy schedule and some problems with the site. Last October 4, 2011, Ana and I attended the Kitchen Discovery Class at Oceana located at San Miguel by the Bay, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. Technically, this was my first food event invitation as a food blogger and was really excited to attend it. I was invited by Ms. May Samson of Tupperware Brands and she is so generous that I was able to tag Ana along. The event was supposed to be scheduled a week before October 4, but was cancelled due to typhoon Pedring that struck the Philippines.

Ana and I went ahead of time as the registration starts at 1pm and since SM Mall of Asia is far from our place in Quezon City. We had lunch at Dennis the Grill Boy at SM Mall of Asia before going to the event.
Oceana - Kitchen Discovery Class by Tupperware and CCA - Part 1
Oceana, San Miguel by the Bay
As we arrived at Oceana, we registered and waited for the start of Kitchen Discovery Class and took some photos of Tupperware brands displayed in the area.

Chef+Melissa%252C+Chef+Gigi%252C+Chef+Karol - Kitchen Discovery Class by Tupperware and CCA - Part 1
Chef Gigi, Chef Melissa, Chef Karol
As the event started, all of us, participants, were greeted by the host and introduced the chefs who will cook some good food recipes namely Chef Melissa, Chef Gigi and Chef Karol.

Chef Melissa Sison is CCA’s Academic Programs Manager, while Chef Gigi Angkaw is the Continuing Education Programs Manager and Chef Karol is CCA’s Pastry Chef (I wasn’t able to get the info of Chef Karol, if she is also holding a position in CCA).

Chef+Melissa - Kitchen Discovery Class by Tupperware and CCA - Part 1
Chef Melissa Using Speedy Chef
Chef Melissa went first and demonstrated to us a very wonderful good food dish, Pasta Bar. It was my first time to actually see such good food recipe and was amazed by its looks and taste. Pasta Bar according to Chef Melissa is the term used when you have 3 or more sauces available for mixing in one pasta dish. You can mix all three or your choice of which pasta sauce you want to taste first.
Pasta+Bar - Kitchen Discovery Class by Tupperware and CCA - Part 1
Pasta Bar – Three Sauces Pasta
Pasta Bar, is what this good food dish is called but I want to call it Three Sauces Pasta, (“,) . It is a combination of Bechamel Sauce, Basil Pesto and Marinara Sauce. Imagine these three good food pasta sauces mixed in one full meal. We had our chance to take photos and taste this good food pasta recipe, and it was absolutely awesome. Ana and I were even excited to try it at home. Plus, all the food recipes that were introduce to us were prepared using Tupperware Brands products, making the preparation like counting one two three. Guess how many minutes Chef Melissa prepared and cooked these three sauces? Chef Melissa cooked it all under 30 minutes actually. Thanks to innovative products of Tupperware.
Chef Melissa used the newest product that Tupperware is offering; the Speedy Chopper.
Speedy+Chopper - Kitchen Discovery Class by Tupperware and CCA - Part 1
Speedy Chopper
This tiny little thing actually chops herbs and veggies using its three sharp blades. You just put it in the container, snap close the cover and pull the cord and your ingredients will then be chopped very finely. Using Speedy Chopper lessens your time and effort in preparing your good food ingredients.  This thing can chop an equivalent of 288 knife strokes in just 15 seconds, imagine that? Speedy Chopper is really easy, quick and fun to use. You can even do something else while using Speedy Chopper. And imagine, no electricity to run, no more taking so much time chopping garlic, onions and all. No more crying over onions and no more accidental finger cuts with a knife. How innovative and comfy is that?
Speedy Chopper is priced at Php 1,499. And it is very worth it for the price. Thanks to Tupperware Brands for giving us one as a souvenir for the Kitchen Discovery Class.
Garden+Salad - Kitchen Discovery Class by Tupperware and CCA - Part 1
Garden Salad
Chef Melissa also demonstrated how to easily prepare a good food salad recipe, Garden Salad. This Garden Salad has three kinds of dressing; Balsamic Vinaigrette, Caesar Dressing, and French Dressing completing a Salad Bar.
Salad+Bar - Kitchen Discovery Class by Tupperware and CCA - Part 1
Salad Bar
All these dressings were made using Speedy Chef and Quick Chef, and were placed in a Tupperware Stor N Pour and the veggies on Divided Keeper (Kitchen Gourmet Set).
Chef Melissa also used Quick Chef in preparing the good food Salad bar (the big red one with a handle on the image of Chef Melissa above). It is actually bigger than the Speedy Chef. It has two stainless steel blades for chopping fruits and vegetables and a twin paddle whisks for mixing and whipping creams, dressing or dips. It is a smart alternative to food processor. It also has a funnel attachment for adding liquid ingredients and an anti-slip base for convenient handling. Quick Chef is a very handy and usable kitchen tool.
Quick Chef is priced at Php 1,999.
Kitchen Gourmet is an easy preparation set. The set includes Divided Keeper which may also be used as a server, while the seal or cover can be used as a tray and also comes with a spoon. It has seven removable compartments that can keep pre-cut ingredients or spices. And 3pcs of Stor N Pour which is a perfect of kitchen tool for storing dressing, cooking oil, soy sauce vinegar, etc. It has no-drip seal to keep liquid secure. It also has hinged caps with cover to keep insects away and protect contents from contamination. Its sheer bases allow easy viewing of contents.

Kitchen Gourmet is priced at Php 2,399 per set and has a 10 year warranty. Wow!

My gratitude to Ms. May Samson for inviting us to this event and to Mrs. Jane Montilla, HR Director of Tupperware Brands for her generosity, Manager for Home Ms Kris for warm accommodation and positive comment on my Mojito recipe.

Part 2 of Kitchen Discovery Class will be posted soon.
Recipes of the above mentions good food dishes will also be posted here soon.

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