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Le+Ching - Favorite Chinese Restaurant - Le Ching Tea House
Le Ching Techno Hub
Ana and I usually hang out at Le Ching Tea House, Ayala Techno Hub everytime we wanted to eat Chinese food. We also visit Greenhills branch once in a while. And to tell you, Le Ching is one of the good food place you would think first when in comes to Chinese cuisine.

Last month, Ana and I with our friend Gena, visited Le Ching again and found out that they are offering some new dishes. We tried out Valentine Noodles along with our favorite dishes like Yang Chow Fried Rice and Hakao. I ordered Beef Wanton Noodles for myself, Chicken Feet and Pork Spare Ribs for Ana and Gena.

Valentine+Noodles - Favorite Chinese Restaurant - Le Ching Tea House
Valentine Noodles
Valentine Noodles has minced pork with it and a bit sweet. Though I am not really into sweet dishes, it actually tastes good.

Yang+Chow - Favorite Chinese Restaurant - Le Ching Tea House
Yang Chow Fried Rice
Yang Chow has generous serving and needless to say that Le Ching’s Yang Chow rice is one of the best.

Hakaw - Favorite Chinese Restaurant - Le Ching Tea House
Le Ching’s Hakao is always served as fresh as it could possibly be. The shrimp is tender and so tasteful.
Chicken+Feet - Favorite Chinese Restaurant - Le Ching Tea House
Chicken Feet
Spareribs - Favorite Chinese Restaurant - Le Ching Tea House
Pork Spareribs

I didn’t ordered these two nor tasted it, but Ana and Gena liked it so much, they actually order these everytime we visit Le Ching.

Le Ching Tea House
Ayala Techno Hub

Commonwealth Ave., Diliman
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. No. (+632) 497-1561

Greenhills Shopping Centre

Shoppesville, Ground Floor Level 1, Units 8-10
Greenhills, San Juan City

Tel. No. (+632) 721-3179, (+632) 726-3677

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  1. Have you tried eating at Crystal jade located in Greenhills. They have the best Chinese food! You got to taste their Xiao Long Bao. 🙂 Trust me, I'm a Chinese. Haha.

    Btw, my site is up now. Domain has finally been renewed 🙂

  2. natatawa ako sa tindahan na ito na nasa Trinoma. umorder ako nung mixed congee nila at saka drinks… sabi ko "iced tea"… wala po…. umorder na lang ako ng softdriks……. habang kinakain ko yung food ko, iniisip ko kung bakit sya tinawag na tea house…. hehehe

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