Pancit Bihon With Lechon Kawali in Marikina City


Pansit Bihon Con Lechon 300x200 - Pancit Bihon With Lechon Kawali in Marikina City

Craving for Pancit Bihon with Lechon Kawali, we were thinking of visiting restaurants in Marikina City back then. Luckily, we had a chance about two or three months ago when we visited the city. We had a snack at a small restaurant along Rizal Ave, in front of USSC Marikina Branch. I used to audit this branch when I was still working yet I wasn’t able to check this dish.

At that moment, we were so hungry that we hurriedly ordered Pancit Bihon with Lechon Kawali. Without checking the prices so to say. Though, it is not really expensive since the serving size is good for sharing. The price ranges from Php 100-150 per order. We had choices for the noodles from Canton, Bihon or Bihon Canton. We then ordered Bihon as you can see from the photo above.

After few minutes, the dish finally came and we rapidly ate it. I was able to take just one photo as we were really hungry. Haha! Well, the serving was really generous and we were even able to save some to take home after getting full eating this Filipino dish with refreshing 1.5 liter softdrink. No doubt, this Filipino dish really is delicious and tasty. With filled stomachs, we continued with our errands in the city and went home afterward.

At that time, the only place I know where to find Pancit Bihon with Lechon Kawali was only in front of USSC Marikina. After searching it online, we saw some restaurants in Marikina that serve such. Other restaurants that you may want to visit and check is Kabisera ng Dencios.

Jesus Panciteria
Facebook Page – Jesus Panciteria ng Marikina

Luyong Restaurant
Facebook Page – Luyong Restaurant

Victory Panciteria – 65 J.P. Rizal Street, Marikina City. Tel. no. 645-1553

I haven’t eaten at these three restaurants in Marikina City, but they are popular on the web. You may check their Facebook page or call them should you wish to visit their restaurants. If you wish to prepare it at your own convenience, check out some home cooking recipes that we have.


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