Watermelon Shake Recipe

Watermelon+Shake - Watermelon Shake Recipe
Watermelon Shake Recipe

This is one of my favorite shake especially when dining out. With the sweetness of a flavorful watermelon, it can be paired with any dish, be it main, side or snacks. Easy recipe to follow, no one can ever say that this is not a good food. 🙂

Serves 2  Preparation Time 10 minutes  Cooking Time 5 minutes


1 tablespoon sugar syrup or 1 tablespoon honey
1 cup seeded and cubed watermelon, use the sweetest one you can get.
1 cup crushed ice
Cherry or small watermelon slice to garnish


Using a blender, combine all ingredients until mixture is slushy.

Pour in two 8 ounces glasses.

Put some cherry or watermelon slice on the tip of the glass.

Serve at once.

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