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ian+chowking - I Want To Be The Ultimate Sooo Pinoy Food Blogger
Lunch At Chowking
I got invited to join Sooo Pinoy’s Ultimate Food Blogger Contest last month. At first, after reading what’s at stake for the winner, I felt so excited to join. But then I felt a bit reluctant to submit an entry. Thinking how the critics would judge the entries, I wouldn’t imagine on having greater chances to win. I admittedly say I’m not really a good writer who got wide range of knowledge and experience in creative writing. So I decided to just let it pass. There’ll always be next time.
Few weeks later, Ana ,my other half, learned that the submission for the entries got extended. She told me to give it a try. I reflected over my fears of joining and decided not to let them get in the way to my dream of winning. I now think positively that even if I am just a simple food blogger, I should stand a chance on showing them what I got. Anyway, there is no harm in trying.
It’s always been a passion for me to explore different good food recipes and cuisines, mostly Filipino  and Italian. Ana and I usually try a variety of food restaurants too. I realized why not share my experiences on good foods through blogs. Good Food Blog, was primarily created with this concept; to share Filipino food recipes or fusion of it, to all my friends and readers and let the world know that Filipino cuisine is one of the best there is.
Chowking+Lauriat - I Want To Be The Ultimate Sooo Pinoy Food Blogger
Crispy Chicken Lauriat
And what else can a new food blogger like me would possible ask for? A chance to visit 10 destinations, 101 food restaurants, a lot of good food, and be able to share it to the world. Now that’s something I desire to win and share.
Kare Kare - I Want To Be The Ultimate Sooo Pinoy Food Blogger
As I write this entry, it reminded me on my enthusiasm and drive to promote Filipino cuisine to the world. Winning this contest would entitle me to visit most of the places that offer wide-array of best served dishes in town. On top of that, this will enable me to share firsthand experience of all the bits of what I am going to encounter to every reader of Good Food Blog.  I’ll let the whole world know Philippines has a lot of good and mouth watering food to offer besides our famous adobo, sinigang and sisig. How heart warming could that possibly be to read comments from our kababayans how they love Filipino food.
Sinigang+Na+Baka - I Want To Be The Ultimate Sooo Pinoy Food Blogger
Sinigang na Baka
I deserve to win this for those things about good food that I’d like to share for our countrymen. I am not being nationalistic nor patriotic. But I know that winning this will give me a greater opportunity to let the world take a bigger picture and taste on our Filipino cuisine – and that is one of my purpose when I tagged myself as a certified Sooo Pinoy Food Blogger.

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  1. How do you win that title? Is there a voting or something? How can we support you?

    I hope you win! Good luck Ian!

    At ngayon lang ata kita nakita up close ah! Hehe

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