The Most Romantic Spots In Kuala Lumpur For The Perfect Proposal

Congratulations! If you are looking through this list, you are most likely planning on taking your relationship with your significant other to the next level and that is wonderful news. Ready to pop the question but you aren’t sure how to make your proposal extra special? It can be daunting when it comes to choosing where to say those four little words – “Will you marry me?”

The moment you get engaged should be an unforgettable occasion. Getting down on one knee while holding a ring box sort of says it all but the details matter. It pays to pick a special spot and have some eloquent words prepared. Don’t worry, in this list, you will find some fabulous romantic spots in Kuala Lumpur to help make your proposal absolutely amazing. Here are some places to live out your magical moment and conquer your “happily ever after”!

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Villa Danieli

Villa Danieli at Sheraton Imperial Hotel is an award-winning, free standing Italian trattoria styled after a rustic country home. This delightful restaurant offers flavorful, authentic and satisfying specialties that fulfill even the most discerning of diners. Enjoy the warm companionship of your significant other while you heartily feast and celebrate with great food and fine wine. Your intimate dining experience is the ideal lead up to the perfect proposal, as stunning murals by Mindy Lehrman Cameron surround you. As you enjoy your Italian Festa, you both will be flanked by the beautiful ambiance of a typical Italian villa, including hand-painted ceramic table tops that complement the array of dishes that are each prepared with its own distinct character.

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Stratosphere @ The Roof

Asia’s first and only luxury bar that’s seated atop of an infinity grassed helipad, Stratosphere offers an unparalleled 360° panoramic view of the city and the greater Klang Valley. Bask in the open breeze and indulge in decadent cocktails under the romantic glimmer of the night’s stars. It is the ideal setting for the most romantic proposal for you and your partner to revel in. It’s also an idyllic backdrop for garden weddings “in the sky” if you want to come back to where you proposed to wed. This place has a versatile charm that allows for a plethora of wonders waiting to be revealed.

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Tamarind Hill

Trademarked for it’s lovely rustic-lux style dining since 1999, Tamarind Hill is nestled on a beautiful hilltop and offers an escape within the city. Set against a sublime backdrop of skyscrapers, this exquisite spot’s organic and tranquil ambiance exudes an out of town illusion paired with a sense of sweet romanticism. As implied by its name, “walk up an appetite” and resign to a culinary affair you will never forget. Tamarind Restaurants are reputed for their passion for authentic Thai and Indochinese cuisine. Your marriage proposal will be accompanied by absolutely delectable dishes originating from the peasant homes of the people of the Golden Triangle that will bring about more than one surprise.

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JP Teres

If you and your significant other enjoy Malaysian food, JP Teres is the ideal spot as it serves authentic Malay, Indian and Chinese cuisine. Its show kitchens feature satay grills, tandoor ovens, roti hot plates and wok stations. Have a romantic Malaysian style night while cozying up indoors. If the weather is lovely, dine al fresco. Relax and unwind at the large outdoor terrace as you wait to pop the golden question.

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Marini’s on 57 and Marble 8

If you want your perfect proposal to be dripping with elegance and luxury, then indulge your significant other and take them for an unforgettable night to Marini’s on 57 or Marble 8. These exquisite establishments, led by Modesto Marini are designed to enchant all your senses on your noteworthy night. Marini’s On 57, Malaysia’s highest rooftop bar, restaurant, and lounge is nestled extraordinarily close to the PETRONAS Twin Towers, so you and your partner will enjoy awesome 360° panoramic views of the KL city skyline. Perched on the 57th floor of PETRONAS Tower 3, Marini’s acclaimed architecture features floor to ceiling glass and unsurpassed views of Kuala Lumpur, leaving you and your loved one with unforgettable memories from a monumental height. Needless to say, the fine dining Italian cuisine here is consummately magical.

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Marble 8

Head to Marble 8 on the floor below for the best steakhouse KL has to offer. Perhaps if you want exclusive, tender cuts of premium steak to give you a little bit of vigor before you pop the question. This first class steakhouse, classy bar and dashing lounge oozes decadence and elevates your dining experience. Take a moment and savor the exquisite flavors with authentic creations, accented with a luxurious charm. To celebrate her answer, toast to tantalizing timeless elixirs and enjoy an expert selection of music that will accentuate your amazing evening.

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If you’re not entirely sure this is the right time to plan that dream proposal, why not sit back and chill with this refreshing, tasty homemade Mojitos Recipe.

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